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Since 2000, we’ve designed and led tailor made, trips-of-a-lifetime for small groups of family and friends throughout Europe.

If being crammed in a giant bus packed full of strangers, rushing from one crowded tourist destination to the next isn’t your idea of an ideal European vacation, you’re in the right place. We invite you to experience travel in a relaxing, personalized way. See our four tour types below.

Private/Bespoke Tours

Tailor-made itineraries designed with your specific interests in mind.  You don’t have to worry about a thing. We do all the driving and take care of logistics; you just have to show up.

Favorite Places & Themes European Tours

Not sure where you want to go? Check out these tried-and-true itineraries.

DNA Tours

You’ve got your DNA report, now you want to see where your ancestors came from. We have extensive experience customizing these types of trips.

Just-Bring-Yourself Trips / Just Add You

Are you looking for flawless planning for a trip in Europe but want to be your own guide and driver? We use our vast knowledge and connections to create a customized itinerary that you can do on your own.

Your Trip, Your Way

Our guests see and do exactly what they want, guided by almost 20 years of expertise and knowledge.

Private Tours

Our guests won't have their itinerary and time dictated by a big bus company or a semi-private experience.

European Gems

We take our guests to the hidden gems only the locals know about, so your experience with us will always be one-of-a-kind.

Authentic Experiences

We create an authentic experience, staying in inns, guest houses, and hotels that are high on charm and comfort.

Meet your host: Jenean Lindley

She loves a gastropub in the UK or Ireland just as much as a homey trattoria in Amalfi, Italy, or a not-too-stuffy gastronomical restaurant in France. But her favorite is a good old-fashioned wine and cheese picnic.

Let Jenean help you explore the fun and unique places in Europe