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Scotland - Rob Roy Grave Balquhiddor


Check out some of our European tour testimonials:

My trip to Scotland with Jenean was a hit out of the ballpark. I loved that trip and want to return as soon as possible – I felt so at home there.

Sandra D. from Texas

Thank you for a trip of a lifetime! We will carry our treasured memories forever!

Claire W. from Minnesota

My experience with these tour guides was mind blowing, you begin to feel they are a part of the family and love them more than the vacation itself!

Daniel R. from Pennsylvania

Jenean has been instrumental in designing many itineraries for our clients since joining European Focus Private Tours in 2000. She is highly-organized, proficient in multiple languages and an excellent and safe driver. Jenean’s knowledge about food, local history and her ability to adapt to varying levels of physical ability has been all-important in providing the ultimate in client satisfaction across many different countries.

James Derheim, Owner, European Focus Private Tours

My sisters and I took a customized, family heritage tour of Scotland with Jenean last year. It was the absolute best travel experience I’ve ever had! Jenean took care of all the details in advance, found fabulous places to stay, and lined us up with a local historian who knew about our family’s history. We explored off-the-beaten-path, non-touristy spots and got to experience Scotland as it should be seen, plus she did all the driving! I would not hesitate to book another tour with Jenean and My European Vacation…as a matter of fact, my sisters and I plan to do just that!

Cynthia F. from Oregon


My son and his friends recently got back from a month long tour with Jenean. I can not put in words how awesome this trip was for them. They came back saying it was an experience of a lifetime. Not often can you put four teenage boys together away from home across the world and not have one issue. I highly recommend this company to anyone that is looking to see Europe in a way no other tour company can offer.

Greg F. from Florida

Last summer my sisters and I went on possibly the best adventure we could possibly have as a family. We were so lucky to have our expert guide, Jenean, put together a wonderful ancestral tour for us… we are still talking about it.

I highly recommend Jenean. She is a pro and does her homework. She knew more about our family heritage and roots than we did. Every day was so thoroughly researched and never disappointed.

It’s hard to say what was the favorite part of our trip, but I will tell you that every day we looked forward to traveling and learning from our wonderful host.

We cannot wait to book our next sister adventure with our new adopted sister, Jenean!

Nena G. from California