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How much does a private, customized tour cost?

The cost of your private tour with My European Vacation depends on a number of factors: where you want to travel, how many people, number of days, what time of year, transportation logistics, and what level of accommodation you want. It’s not possible to quote a price without first gathering this information.

A bespoke, private tour is a great value considering that you see exactly what YOU want to see and are doing exactly what YOU want to do. We cater to your interests and desires – not the general interests of a group of strangers.

If I book a trip with My European Vacation am I in a group of strangers?

No. You make up your own group. These trips are for small groups of families and friends – your interests don’t compete with the interests of strangers.

How many people can come along on a trip with My European Vacation?

It’s not uncommon for just one person or a couple to travel with us for the ultimate, bespoke experience. That being said, we can comfortably accommodate a larger family or group of friends. We use rental vehicles that are appropriate for the groups’ comfort and luggage. If the group is 3 – 5 people then a full-size van is rented. After that number then a second van is rented to accommodate the rest.

What’s the difference between My European Vacation and what other semi-private and large group tour companies offer?

When you travel with My European Vacation, you are doing exactly what you want to do; you are not following a rigid time schedule that has numerous one-night stops that give you a feeling of sensory overload with no time to take it all in. Even with a semi-private tour, you’re following an itinerary that has little room for serendipity or exploration on a whim. When traveling with My European Vacation, you can visit that village market that was not on the itinerary. You can take that unexpected drive on a farming road to come upon amazing vistas. You can have that unplanned tandem paragliding experience in Switzerland. You can decide that a picnic would be fun on the grounds of an ancient abbey in France. You can follow the locals’ advice and make an afternoon quest to find that magical river walk “behind the blue door” in the Scottish Glens. You get the idea…

Is airfare to Europe included in the price?


How far in advance should I book my trip?

As far in advance as possible – a year ahead is not uncommon, especially if traveling during popular times or if many logistics and locations are involved in your trip.

What’s an ideal length of time for a trip?

It depends on the amount of time you have and what you’d like to see and do. A minimum of 10 days is recommended. We even accommodated a grand European trip of 31 days! Our philosophy is one of absorbing the local culture and rhythms, and we generally do not have one-night stays anywhere unless to break up a long drive from one destination to the next. We believe in having an experience in which you can enjoy and learn at a relaxing pace.

Where does My European Vacation offer tours in Europe?

All of Europe, with the exception of Russia and Ukraine.

What’s the process for booking a trip with My European Vacation?

It’s easy! Fill out the online questionnaire on this site. We will reach out to you within 24 hours. You can also always give us a call. Here are the steps:

  • Personalized trip plan outline with estimated cost is provided to client, taking into consideration client objectives and desires
  • Client approval, exact dates are determined and deposit is taken
  • Reservations, research, and planning begin
  • At least 90 – 120 days to departure, reservations are locked in
  • At least 30 days to departure, a final itinerary is provided and reservations are re-confirmed
What are the benefits of doing a trip with My European Vacation as opposed to just figuring it out on my own?

When traveling with My European Vacation, you are making the most of every minute of your European adventure. You leave the logistics, driving, language barriers, reservations, activities to us. We KNOW how to make the most use of your time so that you don’t waste time trying to figure out the minutiae. We have been working, living, and traveling throughout Europe for the past 30 years, and doing escorted tours for the past 19 years.

What can I expect to see and do on my trip with My European Vacation?

While we specialize in creating the most authentic experiences possible by visiting off-the-beaten track places, we also cater to those who want to get experiences checked off their lists. If you want to visit some of the most popular sights in Europe (e.g., Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, Uffizi, David, Neuschwanstein Castle, to name only a few), we use our knowledge and experience to skip lines and get more up close and have the best time possible.

What are payment terms with My European Vacation?

The cost of a tour with My European Vacation is reflected in the currency we’ll be using. For example, if your trip is in the Euro Zone, your trip will be priced in Euros. If your trip is in the UK, your trip will be priced in British Sterling Pounds. We help you calculate the amounts due in your local currency using www.x-rates.com on the day amounts are due. You write your check or wire that amount. WE ONLY ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS FOR THE DEPOSIT AMOUNT. ALL OTHER PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE BY U.S. CHECK OR BY WIRE TRANSFER.

  • 1500 Euros or 1000 GBP (Pounds) per person is due at the time of contract signing
  • One-third balance due 90 days prior to date of departure
  • Balance is due 30 days prior to date of departure
Is trip insurance necessary?

Not only is it necessary, it is required. Starting in 2021, all tour particiants must purchase CFAR (Cancel for Any Reason) coverage. That is to protect all parties involved. We are an agent for Travel Guard and can help line it up for you but you can also choose to purchase elsewhere. It must be purchased within 15 days of contract signing.