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My European Vacation

Where will the road lead

You Never Know Where the Road Will Lead


You never know where the road will lead. As the year draws to a close, European adventures from earlier in 2019 are warm memories. It’s also the time for a brisk up-tick in tour inquiries for the following year and beyond. Some will book with a customized trip all their own with My European Vacation, others might decide to go a different route, or to postpone their European travel plans altogether.

Those that do decide to travel with My European Vacation are getting a tailor-made trip, designed specifically with their interests and requests in mind. I might wish that I have a trip taking me to other destinations that are my personal preferences, but it’s my clients who dictate where I travel — and I’m truly enriched for that. It’s because of my clients that I’ve even discovered my own preferences. It’s because of my clients that I’ve returned time and again to all manor of accommodations in a variety of locations that feel like home-away-from-home. It’s because of my clients that I can confidently design and lead unique tours throughout many European countries.

That is the joy of providing a customized (bespoke) service as opposed to cookie-cutter itineraries. My clients’ lives, and certainly mine, have been enriched by getting off the beaten path. Our eyes have been opened to another way of living, another way of looking at life.

Each year brings new experiences, new memories, and additional knowledge. You never know where the road will lead you, but it will be good and you will better for it.