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When Can We Travel Again?


When can we travel again?

That is the question on many people’s minds. We all crave returning to beloved locations or to get on with our bucket lists and adventures. I’ve heard from many who want to know when they can fulfill their European travel dreams.

When we can travel and when we  should travel will be determined by many factors, including the rate at which vaccinations are administered, variant strain spread, and other key indicators.


Lüneberg, Germany

I’ve assembled a couple of resources to check.

  • Here’s a BBC article that has a vaccine tracker, allowing you to get vaccination statistics in countries around the world.
  • Here’s a EuroNews article that provides updated information on travel restrictions, alphabetically by country.
  • Before any travel anywhere, be sure to check the CDC’s Covid travel advisory page.
  • Finally, this is an article from the Huffington Post addressing whether it’s ethical to travel internationally at this time, even if you can, before we’re all more fully vaccinated.

In summary, the world is still not ready to openly accept international visitors as much as we’d all like to satisfy our travel yearnings and locals would like their tourism economies to rebound. However, cautiously expect 2022 to be the year to get out into the world again (maybe even late 2021). Pent up wanderlust is bursting at its seams.

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