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Travel Insurance

Why should I buy travel insurance?

With more booking choices, more available destinations, and more people traveling than ever before, you want to make sure you thought of everything before you travel. That’s where travel insurance can help. Travel insurance helps provide coverage for unexpected travel problems, from a cancelled flight to a serious illness, inclement weather – or even an act of terrorism.

Did you know?

112,265 flights were cancelled and 1,037,259 were delayed in 20111. In fact, almost 25,000 of the flights that were cancelled were due to a hurricane. In addition, 25.8 million pieces of luggage were delayed, damaged or lost throughout the world’s airports? In 2012, almost 25,000 flights were cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy.

How many people actually buy travel insurance?

Recent studies show that as many as 120 million Americans a year have been insured against travel-related loss. In fact, the number of Americans insured for travel in 2010 was 124 million – that’s 40% of those traveling.

Can I buy my travel insurance anytime before I travel?

Insurance must be purchased no later than 24 hours before you travel, most Travel Guard plans provide extra coverage if you purchase within a certain window, for example within 15 days of your initial trip payment. Check your plan before you buy to make sure you’re getting the most for your dollar.

Did you know?

Many Homeowners Insurance policies cover your personal belongings while traveling ONLY if you have “added on” or “opted in” to this extra coverage and, even then, additional restrictions may be in effect. Also keep in mind that you may have “out-of-network” medical expenses and that Medicare may not cover medical expenses incurred while abroad.

I have medical insurance and insurance on my home. Won’t that cover my belongings and medical expenses on my trip?

Not always. Check your current coverage carefully before you travel to see if you’ll be covered in the case of an emergency. Many choose travel insurance to avoid possible deductibles they may pay if they were to file claims against their existing insurance plan.