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My European Vacation


The Treasure that is Scotland

Over the past couple of years, I’ve come to have an unapologetic love affair with Scotland. Because of some fabulous tour clients with Scottish family heritage and some amazing local partners in Scotland, I’ve had the privilege to become very familiar with many parts of this land. I’d like to share it, with all of its rugged beauty, history, and triumphs, with you.

Do you love ruggedly wild vistas, deep and mysterious lakes, stunning mountains, hills and dales covered in heather with drifting cloud shadows? Excellent food, whisky (without an E) and fantastic lodging choices? Friendly people? Castles, intrigue, stone circles, and history? And, one must not forget the darling Highland Cows that capture everyone’s heart.

Scotland is a treasure, and has something for everyone, but especially those with a wee sense of adventure, romance, and mirth.

My European Vacation truly knows off-the-beaten-path Scotland. Come explore this beautiful land with us and let us share some of its lesser-known secrets as well as the more well-known sights, with you.

October is a beautiful time, and we have availability this year to fit you in for a magical experience.

Click here to inquire. Come to Scotland this fall!

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