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Salzburg Area of Switzerland

My European Vacation


Favorite European Movies

La Dolce Vita

The smell of a salt-kissed breeze along the Amalfi coast, the taste of freshly-aerated wine in the south of France.

Who else is missing the excitement and experiences of traveling? Oh how we tend to take these luxuries for granted. Whether missing some of your favorite places in Europe or wanting to see new ones, it’s been a challenging year.

Thankfully you can still travel without leaving the comforts of your home. “How?” you might ask. Movies! So my gift to you is a suggested list of movies you can watch that will take you on an epic European journey. Some of my favorite movies, either from or about a variety of European countries, will be sure to keep you entertained until we can all safely travel again. This is not an exhaustive list of every great film that has come from or set in a particular country, it simply includes my favorites. It also doesn’t include some of the obvious classics. I hope that by watching some of these movies you’ll become inspired and excited for future adventures!

Here’s my curated list:








There are so many to list that showcase the gorgeous scenery, including all of the Jane Austen films of which I never seem to tire. Here’s my shortened list of favorites:

Fun – Here and There

Next time, I’ll share some of my favorite books.